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Major events in our lives

Sentyabr g of 1949.--- Education companies.

Yanvar g of 1950.--- Design and development of cables for geophysical research and the oil industry.

1952 g of February.--- Serial production of cables for geophysical research and the oil industry.

Iyun g of 1956.--- Design and development of special carrying cables for ocean research.

May 1965 - December 1970 g of.--- Design and development of a number of special cables and towed cable systems for the Navy and the shipbuilding industry.

January 1971 - December 1974 g of.--- Design and development of high-frequency symmetrical cables underwater communication.

January 1975 - December 1996 g of.--- Development and implementation of a number of cable, wire and cable systems for the assembly of new surface ships and submarines of the Navy and the shipbuilding industry.

1995 g of.--- Transforming NGO "Electrosignal" in the open joint stock company.

January 1997 - October 2004--- The development of mass production of a wide range of cables and wires for general industrial use, telecommunications, and home appliances.

1998 g of Oktyabr.--- Redemption stake JSC "Electrosignal" by West Wostok Technik GmbH.

1999 g of May.--- Converting JSC "Electrosignal" JSC JV "Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent».

Iyun g of 2001.--- Participation in the exhibition «Kitel 2001" (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

Noyabr g of 2001.--- Participation in the international exhibition "Cable 2001" (Moscow, Russia).

2001 - 2004 g of.--- The administration awarded the highest state awards.

2002 g of.--- Obtaining the certificate ISO / IEC 17025.

2003 g of.--- The development and production of LAN-cables for local area computer networks.

2004 g of.--- Mastering the production of steel wire introduction of quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 TÜV

2007 g of.--- Mastering the production of copper rod and copper bars

2008 g of.--- Start of production of rebar B500C according to standard DIN

2010 g of.--- modernization and reengineering cable production

2011 g of.--- Start of the project to implement the system of collection and recycling of used PET bottles


What is the "Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent"?

"Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent" (DKG) - one of the largest manufacturers of cable and steel products in Central Asia since 1949.

DKG Aktsionerniy Company has a rich history, being the assignee of the Tashkent Scientific Production Association TashNIKI, whose main activity was the development and introduction of special cables for the study of the Earth`s interior and oil products.

Today, DKG is a dynamic company, constantly expanding range of products based on the needs of the market. DKG products produced on modern equipment of European manufacturers Rosendahl, Nokia, Maileffer, Anduard, Sket and other companies that provide a high level of product quality and production of the necessary volumes of products. DKG Products manufactured in accordance with local and international standards.

The long tradition of quality ensures reliability and durability of products manufactured by DKG. The absolute priority for the DKG is to match customer expectations of products, order fulfillment and delivery of products on time.

Rich experience in the national and international market, combined with modern production technology make the DKG your reliable partner in the most demanding projects.


More on "Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent"

The high level of staff training, the use of modern production and test equipment, quality control at all stages of production, testing of finished products in accordance with international standards - the components of success, allowing JSC JV "Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent" to provide consistently high quality products.

As a single economic structure, JSC JV "Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent" was created on the basis of "NGOs Electrosignal", whose main activity is the production of cables and wires of special purpose, used in a variety of complexes of means of research and development of the world`s oceans, and subsoil ground. The company spread out over a total area of ​​198,684 m², of which the production area is 82 370 sqm. It includes the production of cable and wire products, steel products, copper, rubber and fittings. In these areas there are more than 130 units of modern technological equipment for the production of various types of cable products, rubber products, products made of steel and copper wire.

For the high quality and technological level of the ninth international exhibition "Electro-2000" in Moscow on July 3-7, 2000 the company was awarded a diploma "International organizations for economic scientific and technical cooperation in the field of electrical products" ("Interelectro ").

In 2004, the company received a certificate of quality management system requirements of ISO 9001-2000 sertifitsikatsionnym authority TUV CERT.

In 2006, the new areas to organize the production of steel wire and its products, including belts for tying cotton bales, steel wire of general purpose, binding wire BP-1 and BP-2 and wire products.

At present, the production uses the most advanced technology and testing equipment, testing equipment and tools, high-quality materials.

The company has the ability to produce and deliver the load-bearing cables with different number of wires and different tensile stress, as well as cables and wires, which can be used in the manufacture of marine geophysical work for the needs of the fishing fleet, underwater communication and other purposes. SP produces cable products for general industrial and domestic purposes - a power and control cables with plastic insulation and sheath for fixed installation, flexible power cables with rubber insulation and sheath for moving current collectors, wire for windings of electric submersible pumps, cables for various home appliances and many other cable products. The company also provides production and supply of cable products for special customer requirements.

Delivery of goods is carried out as soon as possible, with full provision of all requirements, the stipulated in the contract by the customer.

The company conducts ongoing work on the development and implementation of new projects, which are of practical interest and are promising for the company and for the Republic of Uzbekistan as a whole.

In 2007-2008. planned re-equipment and modernization of production, introduction of advanced equipment and manufacturing processes of all types of products in order to further increase their technical proficiency, quality and operational reliability.

At the moment, organize the production of a number of the most progressive and highly effective cable products, including power cables for voltage up to 35 kV with XLPE insulation, insulated wire type "SIP" for urban and rural networks of electrification, LAN-cable 5 and 6 categories for computer networks, as well as radio frequency coaxial cable type RG. In addition to the production run copper products such as wire rod, tire and foil; steel products and equipment.

We invite all interested companies and organizations to cooperate.

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Our addresses.

Office in Germany

Address: «Falk Porsche Technik GmbH» Taxisstrasse 6, D-80637 Munich, Germany

The central office

Leader: IO. Saidov, Chairman of MM.

Address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent, district Olmazar Street Usta Shirin, 120

We work from Monday to Friday 9: 00-18: 00


What did the "Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent".

The joint stock company & ldquo; Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent & rdquo; (JSC JV DKG) has a rich history, being the assignee of the Tashkent Scientific Production Association (TashNIKI) whose core business was the development and introduction of special products.

The history of the company began in 1949, when the Soviet government`s decision to develop the production and development of load-bearing geophysical cables to study the Earth`s interior, and cables for the oil industry in Tashknente was created Department of Tashkent Institute of cable industry (TO VNIIKP). In the fifties the collective TO VNIIKP been developed and introduced into mass production of a series of cables for geophysical studies, including load-bearing geophysical cables with rubber and plastic insulation with a two-layer armor of round steel wire for use in wells up to 5000 meters.

At the time of acquisition of the company

These cables are manufactured and now plants «Uzkabel & raquo; and "Pskovkabel" branded KG (cable Geophysical) with the number of veins from 1 to 7.

In the early sixties have been developed and the widespread introduction in the production of cables for power supply of electric submersible oil pumps originally with rubber, then with polyethylene insulation, galvanized steel tape armored round (KPBK) and flat (CPSP). These cables are also produced and currently plant "Uzkabel", "Podolskkabel", "Kavkazkabel."

In 1964, TO VNIIKP transformed into an independent factory- Tashkent Research, Design and Technological Institute of the Cable Industry (TashNIKI).

Before the institute was assigned new tasks: Development and production of special products for the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Shipbuilding and Navy of the USSR.


To meet these challenges, in 1964-1965 gg. They were built: a new engineering laboratory building of the Institute and the factory for the production of specialty cable products for the development of the institute. The Institute and the plant was equipped with the latest equipment necessary to perform assigned tasks.

During the period from 1965 to 2000 was developed gamma carrying cables, cable systems for towed sonar studies of the World Ocean, submarine communication cables, various cables and wires for internal mounting surface vessels and submarines. It towed cable system type BCS stranded polyethylene and Teflon insulation and double-layer round wire armor made of stainless steel. This sea-carrying cables with external and internal load-carrying element types RAG (with rubber insulation), MSE (polyethylene insulation), FCT (with PTFE insulation). It`s different wires and cords, such as PGSH and PGESH for internal installation vessels KSTG for underwater diving, FCT-28 to perform the operations at sea with the help of helicopters. This underwater communication cables high symmetric types SPEK SEPK and having a high degree of protection from external electromagnetic influences and mechanical influences, construction lengths of 25,000 meters. All products are manufactured and delivered on the orders of the NGO "Okeanpribor" CRI Gidropribor, JSC "Vodtranspribor" (all of St. Petersburg), the NGO "Slavutich", Kiev, plant "Pribor" Taganrog, a number of enterprises and military units of the Defense Ministry and the Soviet Navy.

At the time of acquisition of the company

To meet the growing demand for products in 1980-1981. It was built a second production building factory, equipped with the unique equipment, certain types of which were produced in the former GDR under the special order in single copies.

In the eighties, the company has developed and mastered the production of load-carrying coaxial cables, polyethylene insulation, reinforced galvanized steel wire construction length of 8 000 - 10 000 meters. These cables are designed for deep ocean research world, in particular research vessels Academy of Sciences.

The enterprise has been developed, manufactured and delivered a unique load-carrying cables for geophysical research ultradeep (12,000 meters) hole on the Kola Peninsula.


Quality control development of products for the needs of Ministry of Defense and the Navy throughout the enterprise (up to 2004) carried out by an accredited representative of the Customer at the plant number 987.

The company`s activities in the development and production of special types of products has been highly appreciated by the Soviet government.

Work on the towed cable systems was awarded the USSR State Prize.

A number of employees were awarded orders and medals.

In 1999, the company was transformed into a joint Uzbek-German, received the status of the Open Joint Stock Company JV "Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent" and registered under number 003041 on 13.05.1999 the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In 2004, the company was established the production of steel wire and various products from it. It was also implemented quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 T & Uuml; V.

In 2007, mastered the production of copper rod and copper bars as a result of the company`s turnover has almost doubled.

In 2008, started production of rebar B500C according to DIN, which made the quality of products on the European level.

In 2010, it was carried out modernization and re-engineering of the cable production, which also helped to increase the quality of our products.

In 2011, the JV "Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent" has started implementation of the project "System of collection and recycling of used PET bottles," which is a new area of ​​activity for the «Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent». Through the collection and use of waste and residual materials polyester and environmentally safe recycling into new products can be achieved by reducing imports of synthetic raw materials and the creation of additional jobs.

Today JSC JV "Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent" - one of the largest manufacturer of steel wire and steel products, eco-panels, cables and wire products in a wide range in Central Asia. All cotton collected in Uzbekistan tied with belts to pack the cotton bales are made only by our company.

DKG also takes an active social position in the country and is an active sponsor of the large number of projects of the German Embassy, ​​Goethe Institute in Tashkent and other organizations.


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Policy of quality

The management and all employees of the test center`s goal is to perform quality tests and measurements in accordance with the scope of accreditation to the requirements of normative documents.
In the activity testing center focuses on:

  • Ensuring high competence of staff;;
  • Completeness and accuracy of the test and measurement;;
  • Method of testing and monitoring;;
  • Conduct product testing on a fixed nomenclature;;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality management system..

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