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A delegation of business circles of Lower Saxony

A delegation of business circles of Lower Saxony (Germany) headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Labour and Transport of the federal state of Germany I. Bode will visit Uzbekistan on 23—25 June 2011 to further develop bilateral trade-economic and investment cooperation.

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The trade industrial fair opened at the Uzexpocenter national exhibition center in Tashkent.

The event was organized in accordance with the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers “On measures on organization and holding of the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange in 2011,” dated March 3, 2011.

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Used plastic bottles recycling project in Uzbekistan

At the initial stage of the project Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent expects to invest up to $15 million in a system to collect and produce of high-strength tape, fibre, yarn and woven fabrics. The project will create over 200 jobs and improve the ecology of the country.

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