Policy of quality

Product quality - reliability and confidence.

As we provide high quality?

The management and all employees of the test center`s goal is to perform quality tests and measurements in accordance with the scope of accreditation to the requirements of normative documents. To achieve this goal in the test center has developed and implemented a quality management system in accordance with standard Oz DSt ISO 9001. O’z DSt 16.4:2001, O’z RH 51-054:2003.

In its activities focused on the test center:

  • Ensuring high competence of staff;
  • Completeness and accuracy of the test and measurement;
  • Method of testing and monitoring;
  • Conduct product testing on a fixed nomenclature;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality management system.
Management periodically reviews the test results and activities in the field of quality, as well as creating conditions for continuous improvement and improve the existing quality management system.