Testing Centre

Product testing - quality assurance.

Product testing! What for?

The main focus of the test center (IC) is to provide guarantees to the customer high quality test and measurement that meet the requirements of regulatory documents.

Our company was founded in 1949 for the production of cable products for defense purposes, it has a wide range of test equipment and carries out the following types of tests:

  • mechanical;
  • hydraulic;
  • climate;
  • electrical tests.

In addition, CFL (central laboratory) carried out incoming inspection of raw materials, semi-finished and finished testing products for compliance with standards and specifications.

Specialists conducted the standardization fund standards, technical specifications for products and software testing departments carried out the necessary standards, technical conditions, changes thereto, containing methods for measuring and testing.

Experts in testing, together with the certification body conducted the certification tests of finished products: prepare and harmonize documentation for certification tests have contracts with product certification bodies.

The metrological service of the enterprise organizes verification, certification and registration of measuring instruments, provides extracts from the plots of state and departmental verification.

Also, metrological service provides technical assistance in the development of programs and procedures of certification of test equipment, test and measurement techniques, metrological expertise developed by LP units involved in certification testing equipment, introducing the necessary means of measurement for certification.